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About Trueform Spa Pool

Your best choice of 
New Zealand made hot tub

Are you thinking about purchasing a spa pool? Find out why Trueform Spa pools are your best option for years of relaxing, trouble-free fun for years to come...

 We accept Q Card, Mastercard and Farmers Finance Card.


35 Years Experience

 As a company, we have over 35 years experience in spa pool manufacture, for both the local and export market.


New Zealand Made, Top Quality

Your new Trueform spa is New Zealand made from the highest quality materials in our Auckland spa pool factory. Quality control is strict to ensure that your spa is up to our high standards when it reaches you.


Easy-to-us Controls

With a digital touchpad, you have control over every function of your spa, right at your fingertips. From spa temperature to jets and lighting... you have the control!


Strong & Durable

With a fibreglass-reinforced acrylic and high density foam-insulated shell and Western redwood cedar surrounds, every Trueform model is built to withstand years of use. Because they are built so robustly, our spa pool hot tubs are ideal for use in hotels, motels lodges. These places are where they see a lot of use.


Quality Guarantee

All spa shells come with a five-year warranty against manufacturer defects and our pumps and heaters are covered by a two-year warranty. With approved dealers and service technicians New Zealand and World-wide, you can be confident that you can get replacement parts or repairs - should you ever need it.


Custom Build

Choose the perfect size for your needs, whether it's a family sized spa pool or the perfect size for two, pick the colour of the interior and then finish it off with a range of vinyl spa covers and accessories, all in colours to complement your home.