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Motorised Downunder - In deck

Motorised Downunder roller - Available in the in deck option only.
Automated - Opening cover only. Must be closed manually. Remote is connected to the roller and can only be used while standing next to roller

Looking to build a pool cover pit. We have the ultimate solution for you. When planning to build a pool or looking to renovate or landscape your pool area. The Downunder is the greatest cover pit to install and is such a simple system for everyone to use. From mum, dad, kids .. The lid, a simple finger lift. The cover, completely hidden. Don't spend $$$ building a cover pit, building a lid, gas struts etc etc.

2019 standard sizes: (Downunder must be wider than pool by at least 300mm, however we suggest 200mm allowance each side and is centred to make your pool area look amazing)

Patented: Made in Australia Comes with a larger roller 200mm

Product Specifications

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