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Pool Roller Systems

Elite Elegance Easy Roller™

The Mercedes of pool blanket rollers has been designed by a specialist design studio to offer the owner the most ascetically pleasing, easiest to operate pool roller on the world market with its radiused edges and form it will look great in any back yard.

The Elegance Easy roller has a built-in drop pin braking system that will maintain the position of the roller when winding the pool blanket off the pool. The drop pin can be slid into the mobile position when the roller needs to be wheeled away from the pool.

Anodized Aluminuim T/Bar.
Solid 35mm Aluminuim Spindle
Self Lubricating maintenance free Teflon Bushes. Nylon 360 Degrees rotating castors. Concealed drop pins to perfectly position roller.
Choice of: 5 Metre Tube, 6 Metre Tube

Dimensions: 600mmx480mm Material: Marine Grade Anodized Aluminuim Warranty: 12 years

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