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Swimming Pool Covers

EnergyGuard™ Selective Transmission GeoBubble™

GeoBubble is an innovative pool cover material using a bubble profile that has been scientifically designed to increase lifespa of the swimming pool cover material by 25%.

Inhibit algae growth.
Eliminates water evaporation by 98%.
Increases swimming pool temperature.
Reduces chemical consumption by up to 60%.
Reduce debris contamination.

Dimensions: Manufactured to custom size Grade: 500 Micron Material: Polyethylene Film, Dual-Extruded

Award Winning Material

Been awarded the 2018 Business Innovation Award for delivering significant societal and economic impact through the application of Physics.

Selective Transmission

The bubble layer of the material uses a patented midnight blue pigment combination which gives the material its selective transmission properties.

Debris and Algae Control

Helps maintain a pleasant, warm swimming environment by using light filtration technology to absorb the wavelengths that promote the growth of algae.

Heat Retention

The unique profile of the GeoBubble™ technology air cells provide both buoyancy and an insulative air gap to control heat transfer enabling the material to manage the pool environment.

Evaporation Control

Our materials reduce water losses through evaporation by working as a barrier between the water’s surface and the atmosphere.

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