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Swimming Pool Covers

Sol+Guard™ GeoBubble™

GeoBubble is an innovative pool cover material using a bubble profile that has been scientifically designed to increase lifespa of the swimming pool cover material by 25%.

Eliminates water evaporation by 98%.
Increases swimming pool temperature.
Reduces chemical consumption by up to 40%.
Reduce debris contamination.

Dimensions: Manufactured to custom size Grade: 500 Micron Material: Polyethylene Film, Dual-Extruded

Solar Gains

Transmits 80% of the sun’s energy in the visual and IR spectrum through the material to heat the water in the swimming pool.

Heat Retention

Provide both buoyancy and an insulative air gap to control heat transfer enabling the material to manage the pool environment and keep the pool and the desired temperature.

Evaporation Control

By simply covering the pool with the material, evaporation is reduced by over 98%, resulting in the preservation of the water resources and increased temperature within the swimming pool.

Debris Control

Covering your pool prevents dirt, leaves, insects and other debris from entering the pool, maintaining a clean, pleasant swimming environment and reducing chemical demand.

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